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“Checkit reduces the workload of QA’s, releasing their time to focus on other duties. Reporting, record keeping and monitoring is a simple, automated process. It’s helping us to achieve the highest scores in internal and external audits”. Nigel McCulloch Senior Process Technologist, Bakkovar Leading international manufacturer of fresh prepared foods.

Retailers audit their suppliers several times a year – often unannounced. Checkit’s digital transformation of HACCP management will increase your efficiency, reduce costs and delight your retail customers, providing them with the confidence that your processes are always compliant.  Checkit next generation smart wireless sensors replace countless manual checks and hours of staff time with automated monitoring of your Critical Control points. They can be installed and re-located anywhere, providing continuous, accurate measurements of temperature, humidity and door closing that are digitally time-stamped and sent to the cloud 24/7.
• Reduce costs and valuable staff time
• Maintain easy, streamlined FSMA and HACCP compliance
• Release staff resources to expand capability
• Real-time reporting and alerts identify issues early
• Reduce energy costs and food wastage
• Be audit ready and compliant every day
• Paperless EHO approved and audit-ready records for supplier inspections. Be audit-ready every day. Checkit, the smart cloud based system, makes it easy for you and your team to manage compliance within today’s complex food standards frameworks. Our wireless technology ensures no labour-intensive, paper-based checks, improving staff compliance and saving you time and money. It’s smart, simple and keeps your standards high.
• Checkit monitors, alerts and reports: wireless sensors monitor everything from temperature to door closing digital checklists alert staff to tasks when they are due Cloud reporting streamlines management processes.
• Food manufacturers are always up against tight deadlines to deliver on time to your customers’ requirements. Relying on staff and paper to ensure HACCP tasks and checks are completed on time, every day, with no errors in records, is setting a business up to fail. Missed checks or incomplete paperwork could result in loss of supplier confidence and business.

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